Welcome to RetSeq

RetSeq Database: A public transcriptome & regulome atlas of the retina and retinal cell types comprising data obtained using a wide range of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods. In this initial launch RetSeq allows exploration of photoreceptor cells from house mouse (Mus musculus) by visualizing relevant RNA-Seq and transcription factor (TF) ChIP-Seq. In the future, more cell types, organisms and NGS data types will be added.

RetSeq Query Tools: Integrated search of gene expression and transcription factor binding peaks. RetSeq provides open and user-friendly access to processed and curated NGS data and tools:
- to investigate and visualize patterns of gene expression;
- to integrate expression with retina-specific transcription factor binding;
- to visualize genome-wide topologies at nucleotide resolution;
- to facilitate the inference of biological and functional interactions among gene regulatory networks.

RetSeq is linked to Ensembl and NCBI Gene databases.

Cite Ret-seq: RetSeq - Temporal transcriptome dynamics and topological modules in gene regulatory network specifying mammalian rod photoreceptor morphogenesis and functional maturation. Kim, Jung-Woong, et al. "NRL-regulated transcriptome dynamics of developing rod photoreceptors." Cell reports 17.9 (2016): 2460-2473".